SCOTCH [Retza Remix]

Frances FALKI HOZ joins the Lo-Fi-45 fold with his new offering Scotch EP; a trio of understated, minimalistic house gems. Previously a remixer for the label, were thrilled to have him back showcasing his unique acumen for the genre. Scotch is sweet and bare bones; stripped back to the basic needs, nourishing yet simplistic. Almost atonal, the harmonies dictate the laid back emotion of the tune. RETZA brings his own take to Scotch with a remix focused on deeper bass and enchanting ambience for a later night lounge groove. Sunset is more driven; its foundation built around discordant organ tones ornamented with carefully placed piano riffs and a repeated whisper of the spoken vocal Sunset, fading into the background as a sun turns to dusk, and dusk turns to dark. A little more emphasis on heavier percussion yet still light to the touch of the eardrum membranes. Hipsters continues the motif of beauty found in unexpected places, which features thematically throughout the EP. Music analysis shaped as beat poetry sits comfortably in the background, framed by dissonant timbres whose textures express the real impression left here. A distinct and eccentric package, the idiosyncrasies of the release are truly charming while liberating the listener from the often strict rules of standardised musical harmony, allowing full freedom of attention without expectation.

1 Scotch Original Mix Falki Hoz Minimal / Deep Tech 8:19 / 124 BPM
2 Scotch Retza Remix Retza Falki Hoz Deep House 7:47 / 120 BPM
3 Sunset Original Mix Falki Hoz Minimal / Deep Tech 9:02 / 122 BPM
4 Hipsters Original Mix Falki Hoz Minimal / Deep Tech 8:06 / 123 BPM