MERKABA [Retza Remix]

If we ever feel lost or caught, we can let go And drift off, settle into God's love I'm not sure what it is, though But in the moments that I don't know I trust hard, I love more I slow down, and I am surrounded By something I can't explain But it builds my knowing And I have a Best Friend, that I've never seen But I feel Him, and He feels me And that's where we meet, in a field Between Just love me, with your everything Until we merge..... Into Infinity. Poetry by Alan Epps Mastering by Robert Trifunović.

1 Beyond Silence Original Mix Maga Deep House 7:31 / 91 BPM
2 Beyond Silence Facundo Mohrr Remix Facundo Mohrr Maga Deep House 8:40 / 120 BPM
3 Merkaba Original Mix Maga Deep House 6:56 / 120 BPM
4 Merkaba Retza Remix Retza Maga Deep House 6:40 / 120 BPM